About Cuba: Colorful Culture and a Historic Past

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See what the enchanting island of Cuba has to offer!

This stunning Caribbean island is rich in art and history, and overflowing with breathtaking colonial architecture. The capital, Havana, is one of the most vibrant urban centers in the world. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to multiple museums, art galleries, dance clubs and a waterfront walkway called the Malecón. Havana has been the muse for many writers, poets and philosophers, among them, Ernest Hemingway.

As largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba’s geographical features are incredibly diverse and vary from limestone hills to mountain ranges and lush valleys prime for agriculture, not to mention some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and saltwater lagoons where dolphins and sea lions swim in their natural habitat.

With such a variety of landscape and culture, Cuba is the perfect place for anyone wishing to partake in escorted tours. You’ll experience the real Cuba, learn more about the people, their daily lives, history, culture and art. Combined with the warmth of the people, Cuba is the ideal destination for both adventure and learning.

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*COMPLIANCE WITH U.S. LAW: U.S. law prohibits U.S. travelers from traveling to Cuba for tourism. U.S. travelers can only go to Cuba for one of 12 authorized reasons, including family visits and people-to-people educational activities. The 12 categories are listed in the Cuban Assets Control Regulations [CACR] at Section 515.560 (a)(1)-(12) and described in more detail in those identified sections of the CACR, HERE. It is the U.S. traveler’s sole responsibly to understand and comply with existing restrictions under U.S. law. Each U.S. traveler is required under U.S. law to retain records of their travel to Cuba for five years. The U.S. government could ask you to produce those records.

*CUBA TRAVEL CERTIFICATION: Each U.S. traveler must complete a written certification, available HERE, identifying the travel category that authorizes his or her travel to Cuba in order to allow Vacation Express to book that travel. Vacation Express must obtain this certification and retain it for five years, as required under Section 515.572(b) of the CACR. Should you have any questions about the requirements of U.S. law relating to your travel to Cuba, please consult a lawyer.